wolverineFederal wildlife officials Friday proposed Endangered Species Act protections for the wolverine in the Lower 48 states.


06.17.14: Australian endangered species list According to the IUCN Red List of endangered species, Australia has 93 animal species that are considered Critically Endangered.

06.16.14: World Cup Mascot Is an Endangered Species Conservationists are accusing FIFA and the World Cup of failing to protect the endangered species

06.15.14: State takes hard look at status of endangered species On the day before European explorers and their descendants changed everything in the North American continent

06.15.14: Japanese eel, a summertime delicacy, now on endangered species ‘red list’ Japanese eels, also called nihon-unagi, are a traditional Japanese delicacy

06.15.14: Endangered Species California Condor Making Comeback Biologists are attempting to bring one of the most endangered species in America back from the edge of extinction, the California Condor.

06.15.14: Endangered Species: Blue Whales Are the Largest Mammals That Ever Lived Blue whales are the largest mammals that ever lived, but they are also an endangered species due to aggressive hunting

06.15.14: The most Endangered Species in England According to sources in Great Britain the Turtle Dove has seen a 90%+ decrease in numbers since 1970, and this legendary creature seen as the symbol

06.13.14: Chimpanzees: How They Have Become an Endangered Species Chimpanzees are closest animal cousins to humans, sharing about 98 percent of their genetic code.

06.13.14: Local scientists work to increase endangered species populations Some of the world’s most endangered species are getting a second chance thanks to unique research by some local scientists.

06.13.14: Threatened Species ‘Red List’ Warns 90 Percent of Lemur Species Face Extinction Entire branches of the tree of life are in danger of being wiped out

06.11.14: Peru is home to 64 endangered species The Peruvian Forest and Wildlife Service has announced that Perú is home to 64 different endangered species.

06.04.14: Should we use cloning to save endangered species? The law is clear: We’re not allowed to clone humans. But it’s OK to clone endangered wildlife in captive breeding programs.

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