09.05.14: Q&A: Is the Endangered Species Act itself at risk? This week marked a couple of milestones in national environmental policy. On Wednesday, the Wilderness Act turned 50.

09.04.14: Monarch Butterflies Dying Out; Researchers Petition For Endangered Species Act Protection The monarch butterflies’ population declined a whopping 90 percent over the past two decades

09.04.14: Cave snail may offer new template for viewing endangered species Tom Aley says Tumbling Creek Cave is home to more species than any other cave west of the Mississippi, and largely because of that has been

09.03.14: Laxalt: Nevada should sue over Endangered Species Act Republican attorney general candidate Adam Laxalt said Wednesday that if he wins the Nov. 4 election one of the first acts will be to sue the federal government

09.03.14: Analytics System Helps Protect Endangered Species An international environmental protection agency turned to analytics to protect endangered animals from a global network of poachers and illegal traffickers

09.02.14: Clownfish That Inspired Finding Nemo Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection The National Marine Fisheries Service announced today that the orange clownfish may warrant protection

08.30.14: How U.S. War Games Benefit Endangered Species Ulrich Maushacke stares through binoculars in search of any sign of movement as the morning fog blankets the artillery impact zone of the U.S. Army’s

08.29.14: More Endangered Species Act problems… Over at the Reason Foundation website, Brian Seasholes has an interesting post underscoring conflicting environmental policies under the Endangered Species Act

08.29.14: Manatees may soon lose endangered species status after US review As they do whenever they visit Florida, Greg Groff and his young daughter stopped by the manatee pool

08.27.14: NOAA lists 20 coral species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act NOAA announced today it will afford Endangered Species Act protections to 20 coral species. All 20 species will be listed as threatened

08.23.14: Vanishing bird ignites debate over endangered species rules A potential move by federal regulators to list a small bird as endangered has ignited debate over changes to the Endangered Species Act

08.20.14: Can Artificial Insemination Save Endangered Species? From matchmaking to setting the right mood, it takes a lot of effort to get endangered species in captivity to breed

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