Air Pollution in China Needing Greater Control

10 April 2017 | Ministry of Environmental Protection-China News Release

MEP organized technical support organizations to apply the inversion of satellite sounding and other technologies to divide the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and adjacent area into 3Km×3Km grids, and monitor and analyze the air pollution level in each of the grids on a regular basis, in order to tighten the monitoring of air pollution in key places and facilitate delicacy management. Analysis of the air pollution level in major grids in this area between Mar. 16 and Apr. 1 suggested the top 300 most polluted (hot spot) grids were distributed mainly in such prefectural cities (districts) as Shijiazhuang, Baoding, and Tangshan of Hebei Province; Jinan of Shandong Province; Anyang of Henan Province; and Daxing and Tongzhou of Beijing. Comparative analysis of the field inspection results and the pollution sources in the grids showed 10 districts (cities, counties) and 10 townships and towns (sub-districts) ranked in the top list of pollution accumulation during the above said period, and substantial measures need to be taken to tighten the local air pollution control. Those localities included Yongshun Town of Tongzhou District in Beijing, Sanlitun Sub-district of Zhengding County in Shijiazhuang Municipality of Hebei, Zhangjiazhuang Town of Gaocheng City in Shijiazhuang, Dahe Town of Luquan City in Shijiazhuang, Wuyao Township of Baoding New Town, Nandayuan Township of Baoding South Town, Kaiping Town of Kaiping District in Tangshan Municipality, Ping’an Sub-district of Changqing County in Jinan Municipality of Shandong, Dangjia Sub-district of Shizhong District in Jinan, and Guxian Township of Tangyin County in Anyang Municipality of Henan.

The Ministry will continue with the monitoring of air pollution levels in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and adjacent area, disclose the distribution of hot spot grids from time to time, circulate criticisms on the counties (districts), townships and towns at the seat of top list grids measured by the pollution accumulation level, and strengthen the regulation over relevant localities and launch inspections at proper timings.

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