Nature Society Against Coral Export

24 April 2015 | Malaysian Nature Society News Release

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is totally against the idea of trading our corals. This is in direct response to the recent news report (The Rakyat Post, 24th April 2015) quoted during a memorandum of understanding ceremony for the propagation of corals at Pulau Bidong project by Terengganu State, Department of Fisheries Malaysia, Malaysia Terengganu University and Yayasan Coral Malaysia for the purpose of trade. It was also reported that companies around the world are interested in purchasing decorative coral products made from Malaysia. This sends out a dramatic and wrong message to the world.

The trade of corals should not be condoned and not encouraged as globally, corals are under threat and without a doubt, declining in population. Coral rehabilitation, sustainability management and enforcement should be the main objectives in increasing the environmental health and ecosystems of corals rather than the trading of an ecosystem that is already so fragile.

For a country endowed with one of the world’s best coral reefs and resources, let us not move towards a direction of commercialisation in the expense of conservation. Malaysia can surely be a leader in marine ecotourism, education and research as a more strategic approach.

In a time where there is an urgent need to create awareness and sustainability, MNS calls upon the federal, state government and agencies to jointly explore ways on how we can all urgently implement action plans that will result in the greater good for our natural ecosystems and benefit our nation and local communities adhering strictly to sound principals of conservation.

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